A short-barrel 2A52 Burya in chainsaw-grip configuration (this specific model belongs to Andropov).

"Try getting up from that, you big, rot-faced fuck!!!"

~ General Bogdan Andropov battles the Imperial Military during World War IV.


The 2A52 Burya (English: Tempest) is a recoilless assault cannon designed by Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant (IzhMash) in the early 2150s. Chambered to fire 125x350-millimetre rocket propelled rounds, it is one of the most powerful man-portable ballistic weapon systems ever devised. For all intents and purposes, it is a giant RPG launcher-mortar hybrid, able to use a wide variety of ammunition from low-velocity high explosive rounds to guided anti-tank missiles.

The Burya most typically has the trigger assembly located on the underside of the barrel, with the gun itself hoisted over the shoulder of a Heavy Assault trooper (thus resembling a large bazooka) as it is far too heavy for an ordinary trooper to use. However, some modify their weapons by shortening the barrel and placing the trigger assembly at the rear of the gun, placing a chainsaw-grip on the cannon's midsection. This is a common modification for the Heavy Assault troopers that see action with the three Black units (Dragons, Coats and Reavers), as given their modus operandi they are more likely to encounter the enemy in close quarters - a standard Burya is too cumbersome to be used in CQB effectively.

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