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Trotskaya's Sword

"This weapon is Man's oldest and most venerated mechanism for waging warfare upon his fellows. It remains in service even to this day for its elegance, far superseding any spear, axe, bow or firearm. The sword will today be my instrument of education. I trust that you shall be a cooperative student."

~ General Elena Trotskaya shows her fusion sword 'Deymos' to Colonel Fred Harrigan.

The 6Kh52 Fusion Sword is a longsword seen used in the Mecharussian Armed Forces by specialist units, most typically the Final Thirteen - it was, in fact, designed for their use by General Trotskaya, the first prototype sword being manufactured for her own personal usage.

The term 'fusion sword' comes from its usage of a fusion core to power a plasma sheath around the blade. This sheath allows the weapon to seamlessly block incoming bullets (provided the user has a fast-enough reaction time to do so), break almost any other melee weapon that comes into contact with it and cause massive damage to targets with a single sweep - it is observed carving through ork-sized M2 Tigress powered armour with ease. Even when unpowered, the weapon is extremely dangerous to foes - its blade possesses a monomolecular edge and is fashioned from synthetic lonsdaleite (using a nano-metallurgical technique known as 'soulforging').

Notable Users and Uses


Trotskaya's sword Deymos, bearing a black onyx skull-pommel and an All-Seeing Eye on the crossguard. The inscription on the blade is Latin for DEATH IS NO RELEASE, a sinister reference to the blade's being forged from the remains of her treacherous boyfriend.


  • In real-life Russian naming conventions, the GRAU designation '6Kh' typically applies to knives and bayonets, rather than swords (which, unsurprisingly, are not covered by the GRAU).
  • The model used for the sword is DC Comics villain Deathstroke's sword - specifically, the weapon seen in the videogame Batman: Arkham Origins.
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