The Gryazev-Shipunov 6V24 Drakon Gatling laser is a type of squad automatic weapon that uses powerful laser blasts instead of bullets, in service with the Mecharussian Armed Forces from the 2140s onwards. It fights alongside the older PZ machine gun in infantry squads and as an antipersonnel weapon on armoured vehicles, serving as an intermediate between the PZ and the GShGm heavy chaingun.

Designed to replace the PZ shortly before the Second Russo-European War as an answer to newer suits of powered armour deployed by the Frenkish Imperial Vanguard Corps, the Drakon surpasses its predecessor in terms of firepower and accuracy. Each laser impact creates a small concussive plasma burst, inflicting heavy damage on sensitive, unprotected subsystems and carving through unarmoured infantry like butter.

Notable Users and Uses

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