9K217 Sera

"I can state with ninety-nine point-nine percent certainty that the bugs won't be getting up from that."

~ Beano to Yulia Trotskaya, after blowing up an enemy fortification during the Helleon Campaigns (AC).


The 9K217 Sera (English: Sulphur) is a 152-millimetre man-portable superheavy multipurpose missile launcher manufactured by Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant (IzhMash) from 2155 AC onward. Designed for the Mecharussian Armed Forces as an answer to the hitherto-unmatched firepower presented by the Frenkish AM Tactical Nuclear Catapult, it fires long-range, low-yield nuclear fusion warheads to distances of up to eight kilometres.

The laser-guided missiles launched by the Sera can use three different types of warhead. The first, bearing a GRAU designation of 9M220, is a standard airburst nuclear explosive, detonating above the target with a blast diameter of three hundred metres. It has proven to be extremely effective against infantry and lightly-armoured vehicles, especially when deployed in a high-cover combat situation.

The second, 9M221, is designed to destroy armoured units deployed by enemy forces, the warhead being specifically developed with the heavy mechwalkers used by the Imperium of Sidhae in mind. The 9M221 consists of a casaba-howitzer of greater yield than the NE round, bypassing energy shielding and lancing through anything short of battleship-grade armour as if it were made of cardboard.

The third type of round, 9M222, is a bunker buster-style warhead that pierces armour before detonating a nuclear warhead, similar to the 9M220 but lower in yield. The 'triple-two' is nowhere near as deadly against armour as the casaba-howitzer of the 9M221, but is devastating against fortified buildings, proving to be particularly effective at clearing out Helleonic hive-forts during the Helleon Campaigns.

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