"The boys at Gorky really outdid themselves with this one. I hear it being called 'the gun that raised the tricolour over Big Ben', and for good reason - not even the roaches can hope to stand against this masterpiece of a weapon, still less the fecks."

~ Mintrusek Mikhail Solstheim

The Avtomat Vintovka, shablon 2138 (Автомат Винтовка, шаблон 2138 - Automatic Rifle, 2138 pattern), more commonly referred to as the AV-38, is an assault rifle used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Chambered in 6.8x30mm flechettes, it was developed by Izhmash in the late 2130s to replace the SKI as a dedicated anti-power armour infantry weapon. It proved so effective that it managed to phase out the AKM7 that was the standard issue assault rifle.

Like the carbine it was intended to replace, the AV-38 proved to be extremely effective against powered armour as it was field-tested by the MAF Expeditionary Battalion against the Frenkish Vanguards in the Hokkaido theatre of the Ten Years' War. Its mass production and deployment in the Second Russo-European War that was to break out three years later took the European Federation by complete surprise, and was instrumental in the MAF's monumental success against the Federal Army Corps.

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  • Though the AV-38 is obviously based upon the AK line of weapons, it is actually largely an original design.
  • Strictly speaking, the AV-38 is not a rifle at all, having a smoothbore design. It shares this discrepancy with the AVP plasma blaster and other such weapons referred to as 'rifles'.
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