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"With this, we've just outsmarted the bullet."

~ MinTruSek Mikhail Solstheim describes the AVP.

The AVP (Avtomat Vintovka Plazma - Automatic Plasma Rifle) is a powerful assault weapon designed by the KBP and used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces, particularly by the Special Purpose Guard Brigade. Instead of conventional bullets, the weapon fires bolts of scorchingly-hot ionised atmospheric gas, the power for the weapon being provided by a small fusion core.

Often considered the most advanced plasma weapon in the world, the AVP's power (as with the smaller PP-1 Kryuk plasma pistol) can be varied. It has four factory-fitted settings, categorised in ascending order based upon power consumption and bolt strength: 'suppression', 'standard', 'sniper' and 'launcher'.

Notable Users and Uses

  • AVPs are utilised by the Spetsnaz in almost every RP where they make an appearance. After 2151, however, the AVP is replaced for Spetsnaz service by the much more powerful RIP-25 ion lance.
  • Hadrian Kelly briefly uses one against the Spetsnaz (somewhat ironically) in To Struggle in the Way of Allah.
  • The AVP is seen being used by the Black Coats in Access Violation, as well as by the SHM headquarters' prison block guards in A Blood Debt, implying that distribution of the AVP to the regular armed forces has already commenced by 2151.


  • Contrary to its name, it is not actually a rifle (for a weapon to be a 'rifle', it must have a rifled barrel) - a more accurate designation would be 'Plasma Repeater'.
  • In terms of appearance, it resembles a Kalashnikov-style weapon, albeit vaguely.
  • Despite plasma weapons in the Frencoverse usually being portrayed as firing green bolts, in real life a plasma weapon would actually fire red, yellow, white or blue bolts (depending on their temperature, with red being the coldest and blue the hottest).
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