The Actium-class Dreadnought is an Imperial spacefaring warship, first commissioned in the alternative canon in 2153 as an answer to the Mecharussian Vladimir Lenin-class dreadnought and in the main canon in 2158 following further advancement in spaceship technology that rendered the Asimov obsolete in the capital ship role. To many, the Actium meets the high standards the Asimov set back in it's day, revolutionizing many new advancements and technologies into a formidable warship. Though lacking the carrier/assault ship capability of the Asimov, the Actium is focused solely on firepower, carrying four-thousand cruise missiles of varying tonnages and an enlarged mass driver fitted with three Tenenbaum cannons, each capable of firing in much quicker succession than the singular cannon on the Asimov. Actiums are at the center of every Orbital Action Group, escorted by three Asimovs and nine Lancasters.

In the altcanon, the Actium was developed in complete secrecy between 2149 and 2153 after the IIA (correctly) hypothesized that Mecharussia was building a "very big ship" to counter the Asimov based on what they saw in stolen schematics. Most of the world was caught unaware when the FIS Actium was commissioned in February of 2153. By 2156???, the big production focus on the Actium in Imperial shipyards had churned out two more; the FIS Salamis and the FIS Midway, with three more (FIS Jutland, FIS Chesapeake, and FIS Leyte Gulf) in varying states of construction. In the main canon, no secrecy was involved in their development and production, and all six would be present and ready by the time of the Utannic Invasion of Sol. The Actium (along with it's Asimov little brother) would persist well into the PTI days, and made up the bulk of the earlier fleets.


Ships In Class

Like the Asimov, the Imperial Space Force prefers to keep a set number (in the Actium's case - six), increasing in times of war or crisis. However, by the time of the TNA-MekIntern conflict in the altcanon, only three were completed.

All would survive the war, and the last three would be introduced shortly after.

In the main canon, all six would be present for their first major conflict in the Utannic Invasion of Sol. During the FT age, more Actiums would be built.


  • Like the Asimov, the Actium follows a strict naming convention; this time, all Actiums are named after large and extremely influential naval battles throughout history; typically ones that emphasize a "glorious Western victory".
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