The Alternative Canon, usually shortened to Altcanon, refers to one of the two incarnations of the Frencoverse, the other being the Main Canon.

The Altcanon differs from the Main Canon in that there is interaction between the Frencoverse and the wider Multiverse, which does not exist in the Main Canon - a function for which it was explicitly created. The most notable interactions have so far involved the People's Technocratic Federation of Singapore, the Syncretic Combine and the Imperium of Sidhae. In-character, the specific point of divergence between the two canons is the 14th of August, 2150 - the date of the nuclear bombing of Algiers, which does not occur in the Altcanon.

Other events exclusive to the Main Canon are also omitted from the Altcanon: for instance, the Greater Islamic Caliphate never falls, key characters (such as Hadrian Kelly) remain alive and the Utannic invasion of Sol never takes place. There are, however, similarities between the two canons: for instance, Elena Trotskaya still gives birth to Evgeniy and Yulia Trotskaya on exactly the same date as in the Main Canon (though the circumstances of their conception are obviously radically different), and ascends to the position of Grand Curatrix.

Like the Main Canon, which is divided between postmodern tech (2150-2174) and future tech (post-Global Crusade), the Altcanon is unofficially divided into two main time periods: the Early Altcanon, set in the first half of the 2150s, and the Late Altcanon, set in the 2170s.

  • The Early Altcanon features the majority of the interaction between the Frencoverse and the wider Multiverse, the first story being PTFS in Chaos.
  • The Late Altcanon, meanwhile, deals almost exclusively with the cold war between Mechanocratic Russia and the Imperium of Sidhae that sets in after the Flight of the Polunochnaya. So far, the only Late Altcanon story is The Sword of Pride, one of the Tales From the Frencoverse.
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