The Commonwealth of Ardavia is a democratic federal union of fifteen semi-independent cities, thirteen of which are massive arcologies housing millions of people buried underneath the Antarctic ice. It also has fairly expansive holdings in South America, encompassing a large number of small towns and villages in the countryside and two major surface cities (Buenos Aires and Santiago). Its population is in the area of 160 million, as of 2154, making it one of the smallest states on the planet.

It is a member of the NSC, and maintains friendly relations with the Conglomerate and Luna and neutral-to-friendly relations with the New Frenco Empire, and holds a neutral-to-hostile stance toward Mechanocratic Russia, the UDAP, and the various Nexuses.


The Commonwealth's origins begin in 2047, as a doomsday project ran by notably eccentric British billionaire and businessman John Blair. In secret, Blair used his massive wealth to construct thirteen gigantic arcologies deep underneath the Antarctic ice over a period of two and a half decades. In that timespan, several million people from across the world of the sorts Blair envisioned to be necessary for rebuilding the Earth were secretly recruited for the project and put into cryostasis, replaced with flash clones designed to die shortly of various diseases and genetic illnesses.

In 2077, when the nukes flew however, Blair (despite having spent decades wary of an incoming apocalypse) was unprepared, dying when nukes hit London. In early 2078, the arcologies, their automated systems having detected the massed nuclear detonations and reverted to protocols for such a scenario, automatically unfroze their inhabitants.

Faced with a world in shambles, torn apart by petty warlords and men with ambitions of world domination in the mere months that had passed since nuclear fire eradicated the old order, the thirteen arcologies united into the 'Antarctican Commonwealth' and launched the 'War of Unification' into South America in 2079. Met with minor resistance and only facing petty warlords with poorly-equipped troops using whatever they could scavenge, the militias and mercenary outfits of the Commonwealth managed to reach as far north as Buenos Aires and Santiago before they ran into the forces of the expanding United States of South America in 2081.

After spending the next few years fighting a low-intensity war with occasional skirmishes over the border and consolidating their holds on what they already had, the USSA and the Commonwealth forged a peace treaty in 2086 which established the permanent borders as following the front lines of 2081. Deciding that with the inclusion of South American territories into the Commonwealth, 'Antarctican Commonwealth' would no longer fit as a title, the state instead renamed itself the 'Commonwealth of Ardavia' (a corruption on the word 'Arcadia', the specific origin of the choice being unknown) in 2088.

In 2091, the Commonwealth Armed Forces were founded, incorporating a number of mercenary outfits, militias, and other ragtag outfits that had fought during the War of Unification and the border war into a professional armed forces with a naval branch and proper air force.


  • The name "Ardavia" comes from a corruption on the word "Arcadia", both ICly and OOCly
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