WIP because I'm an indecisive fuck and I keep coming up with and discarding various ideas.

WIP thoughts:

  • Official title of the state is Ardavian Commonwealth of Antarctica and South America
  • Government is paranoid and militaristic watchful and willing to defend its citizens.
  • Probably operates on some form of manifest destiny ideology that they need to unify the Earth and save it from the dirty barbarians holding the rest of the globe.
  • Probably rode out the nuclear apocalypse in their buried cities in Antarctica.
  • Actually democratic and people are treated well and live in good conditions, something which helps boost public support for the whole "conquer the globe" thing,
  • In the case of a second nuclear apocalypse or some other unspecified disaster happening, would probably hole up in their buried cities again.
  • Doesn't even try to pretend it wouldn't do the above.
  • May or may not have a space program aimed at letting them vacate the Earth, because fuck all these barbarians, we're going somewhere else.
  • Absurdly British. ICly justified by claiming that most of the pre-War population of Antarctica were British expats leaving the crowded isles or something, idk, I just wanted to have them be British-y. *sips tea*
  • May or may not have red parade uniforms for their troops.
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