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The Beretta Auto-9 Pistol is a Frenkish-produced firearm. As the name suggests, the Auto-9 is capable of fully-automatic fire, and it's unique blowback system negates practically any recoil, making the pistol surprisingly accurate when operated this way (though better results in that category are best achieved by leaving it on semi). A weapon designed for military use, it dominates its own niche, making it a common choice for paramilitary units, vehicle crews, intelligence personnel, and other such units that require a compact, easy to use weapon with plenty of firepower. The Auto-9 is chambered for the 9mm Plasma Cartridge, and features a default 14-round magazine (though users often carry several 32-round extended mags in the event of a sustained firefight).

Notable Users and Uses

  • The Auto-9 is noted for being the most common sidearm (if not a candidate for the most common firearm) used in Frenkish RP appearances, appearing much more frequently than the average firearm. Though not the most common pistol from an IC perspective (that goes to the W1000), this is probably due to the gun's tendency to perform well in niche roles, such as that of an intelligence agent or special forces soldier - some of the most common faces of Frenkish-aligned protagonists.
  • A Ranger is seen handing his Auto-9 sidearm to a captured Spetsnaz operative in To Struggle In The Way of Allah as a last ditch protective measure against Alexei's rampage in the sewers of Erbil.
  • Hadrian Kelly often uses one as a secondary weapon.
  • It is the trusty sidearm of Rachel Enns throughout all of her careers, be it commando, vigilante, or operative. She is seen using one throughout several RPs, including Operation Fobos and Flight of the Polunochnaya.
  • Auto-9s seem to be a favored weapon among soldiers and operators of the Singaporean Federative Republic of Vodorazdel and Primorskiy, with several guns being seen in the hands of it's troops at various points during A Blood Debt. It is also the sidearm of Sophie Bu (a self-proclaimed "connoisseur" of Western firearms who also wields an M120 Scout Rifle).
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