A Police Darter

"Heh...Frenkish cars...a lot more powerful than they look, yeah?"
-Dzheyson while getting used to the controls of a stolen police Darter


The Cadillac Darter is an electric hovering civilian automobile in the hypercar class, designed and produced in the New Frenco Empire by General Motors. Notable for it's reliable performance, class, and style (blending both modernistic and art-deco elements, representing Frenkish culture in full), the luxury sedan is a common vehicle on the Imperial streets. The Darter is recognizable for it's widespread use among various organizations. Taxi services in the supercities typically field the Darter as their standard model, due to the luxurious style of the vehicle, and in many cities, modified Darters are the standardized police cruiser across Enforcer precincts, due to their high top speed, capability of being manually driven (a must in police service) and subsequent reliable handling when manually driven, and high maneuverability (due to the fact that it is a hovercar). Even when manually driven, it is capable of reaching speeds up to 300 miles-per-hour.


  • The Darter's first (proper) appearance is in The Fourteenth Chthonian, where it is used by police officers responding to the disturbance at Balboa Park. One of these cars is eventually stolen by the Chthonian Argonauts and used to flee the area.
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