The Charlemagne Mk. I is a super-heavy armored fighting vehicle developed by European Armament and Defense Systems in secret in the late 2140s for the future Old World Conglomerate. The tank first showed up on a battlefield in 2153 towards the end of the European Civil War, where it saw sporadic use as fortress buster in the province of Britannia.

It features advanced fire control and complex heat regulation systems, automatic target priority recognition software and possesses an auxiliary power socket at the back of the turret, alllowing it to utilize an external power source to dramatically increase its rate of fire for stationary defense purposes.



The main weapon of the Charlemagne Mk. I is an E.A.D.S.-developed heavy positron beam cannon that projects a stream of positrons capable of reliably eroding most contemporary types of armor and killing unprotected organic life with the resulting burst of lethal gamma radiation.

This type of weaponry has extreme power requirements however, and necessitates the use of onboard cold fusion cells to function in the first place, significantly increasing the construction and running costs of the vehicle.


Like most Conglomerate vehicles, the armor of the Charlemagne is based on data from old joint European/Frenkish development projects, relying on a complex alloy-composite material that was considered but ultimately rejected as counter to the near-ubiquitous Mecharussian plasma weaponry due to (then) prohibitive manufacturing cost unsuited for a main battle tank.

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