The Conglomerate Combined Military Forces are the unified armed forces of the Old World Conglomerate.

As of 2153, the CCMF has a strength of roughly 5.100.000 active soldiers, replacing the Mechanocracy as the third largest militarized force in terms of numbers, though not necessarily in the availability of high tech equipment. Additionally, the Conglomerate maintains an emergency reserve force of approximately 23.800.000 disposable clone units in suspended animation to bolster the ranks of the army around a core cadre of experienced and loyal officers trained from European citizens within the military.


The theoretical groundwork for the CCMF was laid in the immediate aftermath of the Second Russo-European War when it became apparent that a purely conventional military could not hope to stand against the might of the Mecharussian Armed Forces and its highly roboticized combat-augmented troops.

Project Legion

Forging a powerful army from a war-weary European populace proved to be a problem. With large parts of the nation still in shambles and bitter memories of the Russo-European Wars, various border conflicts and dead European sons and daughters being fresh on everyone's minds, any large recruitment drive was inevitably going to prove unpopular.

As such, genetic samples of promising soldiers were collected early on and carefully optimized through extensive DNA tailoring, which would eventually form the basis for the standard Conglomerate Trooper, further improved upon through hormonal treatments during production and aggressive chemical stimulant cocktails on the battlefield. Drilled for combat and psionically programmed to be unswervingly loyal, this force of clone bodies has proven effective with unshakeable battlefield discipline and obedience, though higher-level tactical and strategic decisions remain in the hands of non-clone European military personnel.


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