"Maybe after all of this, I can retire, y'know? Get a nice flat in Atalantica, a busty little twenty-something to warm my bed, and get a slick Corvette parked out front. Shit, Frenkish dream, ain't it?"
-Jonathon Rollins, during the Flight


A Topless Flying Stingray. Note the prominent exhaust.


The General Motors Corvette Flying Stingray is a two-door supercar, produced and marketed in the Empire. Often considered one of the world's premier sports cars, the Corvette Flying Stingray is considered a pinnacle of automobile engineering, and considered competitive in everything from performance to style to even high-end European supercar brands, such as Bugatti or Ferrari. What makes the Corvette so unique to others, however, is it's dual-purpose operation; it utilizes ground wheels by default (for a "smoother touring experience"), but can fold them upwards and activate it's antigrav engines for fast hypercar travel. The Stingray can achieve top speeds of almost 375 miles per hour, and is powered by nuclear by-fuels.

Notable Appearances

  • Though it has yet to make any proper appearances, Jane Smyth owns a cherry red hardtop. This car was supposedly a "kickback" from mobster Patrick Luciano, according to her.


The Flying Stingray is based off of concepts of the Corvette C2 Stingray model, produced from 1963-1967. The C2 Stingray models are the author's favorite IRL cars.

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