Not to be confused with the Frenkish SIG Sauer Directed Gauss Pistol.


"Boom. Headshot."

~ Atalanta's adopted catchphrase.


The Dal'nyaya Gausskiy Povtoritel' (English: Long-range Gauss Repeater) is a high-powered rail driver, designed by the KBP as an anti-materiel weapon and for counter-sniping. It is, however, very popular with snipers because of its low recoil and extremely-high stopping power as well as its very long effective range.

The DGP is chambered for 12.7x105-millimetre monomolecular cone-tip armour-piercing flechettes that will punch through any soft target and most hard targets with frightening ease. When chambered with soulforged synthetic lonsdaleite flechettes, however, the weapon can pierce even heavy tank armour from ranges of up to 1,000 metres. Because of the intense resource expenditure of synthesising the carbon necessary to manufacture this special ammunition, however, the DGP is rarely given them.

Notable users and uses

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