Not to be confused with the Mechanocratic DGP Sniper Rifle.


Despite it's name, the European Sig Sauer Directed Gauss Pistol isn't a pistol to be utilized as a sidearm (even though it's EFed designers originally intended for it to be such before Frenkish engineers got their hands on it); instead, it's a light anti-armor weapon carried by Frenkish riflemen as a utility. Chambered with solid 14mm slugs, the pistol fires rapidly, sending the (relatively) small munition at extreme speeds, allowing it to penetrate most anything save for the armor plating of main battle tanks. While unlike it's counterpart, the Mecharussian RPG-40, the DGP isn't meant to inflict serious damage to vehicles or heavy power armors themselves; instead, it aims to create small penetrations in the armor to either incapacitate occupants or disable interior electronics. Another, perhaps less obvious ideology behind the gun is the psychological shock it can have on targets. The Frenkish military believes that, even if the DGP misses it's targets, the effect of small projectiles continually (and quite visually) penetrating armor have on enemy vehicle crews is thought to hamper their effectiveness as opposed to conventional explosives.

Notable Users and Uses

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