Template:InfoboxCharactersNex "Life is like trying to play chess with a really bad loser called Fate. Just as you're about to capture the last piece on the board and win the game, Fate just flips the table and you have to start again. At some point you realise that carrying on is just plain fatuous. So then, why play the game? Well, I can't say that I know about you, but I find that watching Fate get screwed yet again is just so much fun!"

~ Drak sums up his view of life.


Drakolich, often shortened to just Drak and nicknamed 'Hound of Trotskaya', is a Chthonian hypersoldier in the service of the Final Thirteen as the most dangerous of its agents. Frequently likened to a walking dead-hand weapon by his contemporaries, he is notoriously apathetic toward human misery and incredibly ruthless, perhaps even more so than Trotskaya herself, content to slaughter his way through scores of innocents if it means that he will achieve his objective. Only ever called upon by the sole woman that he considers to be his better as a last resort, Drakolich is housed as a prisoner in the Vorkuta Mining Gulag until he is to be 'activated', commonly working alongside fellow assassin Vyacheslav Drago in such a scenario.

Drakolich has the notable capability to split his arms in two to form a pair of additional limbs. This suits his ranged combat style well - he normally makes use of two PP-1S plasma pistols, but can arm himself with a third (all three pistols are affectionately named after the Gorgons Stheno, Euryale and Medusa). He also possesses four monomolecular buzzsaw blades built into his arms that he can deploy in the stead of all four of his hands. When he deploys all of his sawblades at once, Drakolich's melee combat capabilities increase dramatically, coming close to rivalling even Trotskaya's fighting strength. In addition, he possesses a prototype quantum blink displacer built into his cybernetic frame, allowing him to teleport surprising distances at will.

Drakolich's most fearsome weapon by far, however, is his towering intellect. He is a phenomenally-competent schemer and brilliant strategist who can account for almost every outcome in a near-instant, and keep his enemies second-guessing his plans for many days. The most commonly-used analogy for him, as coined by Spetsnaz captain Grigor Grankin, is "if the Chthonians are a body, with a sword, a shield, a pair of hands, an armour suit and jetpack, a pair of legs, a big fucking gun and the gab to go along with it, then the Hound's gotta be the smarts behind the whole operation".


With his willingness to murder and even rape solely to make a point, along with his dark and oftentimes cruel sense of humour, Drakolich comes across as a thoroughly evil creature who revels in being the cause of human misery. However, he is not so much immoral as he is amoral. He does not necessarily enjoy making people suffer - to him, human suffering is simply meaningless. This is reflective of his extremely casual attitude to life: he is not interested in higher purpose, only in completing the task that he has been assigned. He can be described as a somewhat dystopian portrayal of the end goal for the entire Machine Race: to eschew the shackles of humanity and become something more.

Drakolich, however, stops just short of being a mindless drone in two respects. First, while he does not hold any particular love interests or friendships, he has a profound respect for his fellow hypersoldiers, typical of the sense of brotherhood that forms the Final Thirteen. Another thing he has in common with the other hypersoldiers is his stolidity. He is shown to carry an atmosphere of refinement about himself, never leaving without his crimson fedora and three-piece suit, always being respectful, even to his most hated enemies (unless putting on an act), and never, ever succumbing to negative emotion. However, his calm and almost smug demeanour hide from public view a terrible, boiling blood-rage waiting to be released upon his enemies at the perfect moment - when such fury takes physical manifest, there are few more terrifying opponents to face in battle than the hyper-intelligent, blindingly-fast and utterly ruthless Hound of Trotskaya.

A particularly notable trait of his is a fascination with Frenkish Colonel Fred Harrigan. While imprisoned at Vorkuta, he would pay close attention to radio news broadcasts about the so-called 'Green Death', and he would use his top-level access to classified intelligence to study Project Black and Harrigan in particular. The exact motive behind his obsession with Harrigan is not known, but it is likely to be linked to the deaths of his fellow Chthonic hypersoldiers.

Notable Appearances

Main Canon

Alternative Canon

  • Drakolich's first appearance is in A Blood Debt, where he takes over Trotskaya's position as intelligence chief during her second pregnancy.


  • Drakolich borrows heavily from Solf J. Kimblee in the Fullmetal Alchemist anime/manga, not just in personality but appearance as well (although Kimblee wears a white suit and hat, whereas Drak's are crimson). He is also loosely inspired by Halko, a character created by Imperium Sidhicum.
  • He is named after the dracolich, a creature from the fantasy table-top game Dungeons and Dragons that combines the power of a lich and a dragon.
  • He is one of only two Chthonians to not be named after a hero in ancient Greek mythology, the other being Trotskaya.
  • His nickname 'Hound of Trotskaya' is a reference to Mael Radec in Killzone 2, who goes by the title 'Hound of Visari'.
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