Earth as viewed from space - specifically, the infamous 'Blue Marble' photograph taken in 1972 by the Apollo 17 lunar mission.

"This is our world, xeno, and we shall die to protect it from your like!"

~ Grand Curatrix Elena Trotskaya to Utannic General Vaasi Idris. (Quite ironically, almost a hundred years later, it is Trotskaya who eventually destroys the planet herself.)


Earth, sometimes called Terra or Sol III, is a medium-sized temperate terra planet in the Sol system. Divided between the constituent nations that make up the human race, it later (in the Main Canon) becomes the capital world of the Pan-Terran Imperium until, in 2271, it is destroyed by a Mechanocratic Chernabog-class hyperdreadnought - controlled by Supreme Leader Elena Trotskaya and used in a fit of bloodthirsty rage upon learning that her son, Evgeniy Trotsky, defected to the Imperium.


Earth, as of 2300.

Earth is 6,378 kilometres in equatorial radius and has a surface gravity of exactly 1 g (or 9.8 metres per second/32 feet per second). Its climate varies wildly depending on location - a typical characteristic of terra-class planets. Scarred by almost incessant warfare and especially by the nuclear apocalypse of 2077 and the Utannic invasion of Sol, much of the planet is heavily irradiated through liberal deployment of nuclear weapons in the twenty-first and twenty-second centuries. This has had a profound effect on the biosphere, most extant wildlife on Earth having been mutated by the intense radiation. After the Great War, Earth's appearance from outer space drastically changed, with the once blue oceans now considerably darker, and the land visibly barren, with the exception of the bright green overgrowth dominating the central North American continent. After Trotskaya's attack in 2271, Earth is completely unrecognizable, being nothing more than an uninhabitable rock with deep, visible cracks, revealing the magma below.

Human activity has also all but exhausted much of Earth's resources, especially its hydrocarbon supplies. While Mechanocratic Russia, one of the planet's superpowers, has all but solved that problem by switching to nuclear fusion power and synthesising its own hydrocarbons through the process of 'hyperfossilising' organic matter, Earth's own resource stocks (or lack thereof) has necessitated that the nations of humanity expand into the rest of the Solar System. The New Frenco Empire, for instance, has colonised most of the Martian surface and the asteroid belt, while the Mechanocracy maintains unilateral control over the Jupiter planetary system.



Notable appearances

  • Earth appears in every RP in the Frencoverse - the only location to hold this accolade so far.
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