The 'chernydrakon' emblem of the Eighth VDV, from which they derive their nickname (along with their armour). Trotskaya's Triad is present to symbolise the regiment's loyalty to her.


~ motto of the Eighth VDV regiment.


The Eighth Airborne Infantry Regiment is the Mecharussian Armed Forces regiment of General and later Grand Curatrix Elena Trotskaya. They also go by the nickname 'Chernydrakony' (Black Dragons), owing to both their emblem and their jet-black powered armour. They are for all intents and purposes Trotskaya's personal army, its troops never too far behind whenever she goes to war. The soldiers of the regiment show just as much loyalty to her as they do to the State (on their own volition), and are also well-known for their unswerving devotion to the Mechanocratic Ideology.

Famously ferocious in combat, the Eighth VDV is notorious for the practice of decorating their armour with 'trophies' taken from killed enemies. Most soldiers wear the braided scalp of their first kill on their shoulders; others, for instance, maintain collections of their foes' trigger-fingers, following the example of the Chthonian Drakolich.

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