The Emperor of the Frenkish and All Her Territories (simply called "Emperor") is the title held by the Imperial Head of State. Despite it's regal sound, the position is not monarchical in nature, it's name instead derived from a desire to enforce the "glory" of the New Frenco Empire. Instead, it is a position given to those of "merit" (though considering only prominent military figures have earned the title of "Emperor", certain implications can be made pointing to a shadow stratocracy enforced by Hightower).

The primary responsibilities of the Frenkish Emperor include matters of diplomacy and war, along with suggestions of legislation (though management of the government falls to the Chancellor. Of course, like all government positions, the Emperor is little more than an adviser and figurehead, with most actual management falling to the secretive government of Hightower and his automation.

Not including Hightower himself, there have been two Emperors in Frenkish history; Jonathan Stark and current Emperor Derrick Zane.

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