The stock Er-7 dropship model.


The Ermakov Military Systems Manufactory VTOL Pattern 7 Kolibri (Hummingbird), shortened to Er-7 Kolibri, is a VTOL dropship in service with the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Commissioned by Grand Curatrix Elena Trotskaya herself as a comprehensive replacement for the older Ka-91 Gus dropship in 2155, the Er-7 would go on (in the Main Canon) to see service in the Third Russo-European War, the Utannic invasion of Sol and (in the Altcanon) the invasion of Jotunheim.


Er-7 in flight

An Er-7 in action over Sicily during the Third Russo-European War. Some of its drop pods can be seen ready to deploy on the VTOL's underside.

Nowhere near as heavily-armed as its predecessor, but just as well-protected with a strong energy shield and magnetic armour, the Er-7 is designed to carry exactly ten soldiers in its cargo hold - the composition of a squad in the MAF - as well as its pilot. The twin ion repeaters on the side are controlled by the VTOL's AI system.

The passengers are housed inside of tubular drop pods that can be ejected either by the pilot or by the pod's occupant. This set-up allows the dropship to 'bomb' a landing zone, deploying a full squad in an instant with minimal risk to itself as it immediately flies away into the distance. When in vehicle carrier configuration, it can also deploy a T-150 light hovertank in this way. The Er-7 can also deploy troops the more conventional way should the pod launch systems prove faulty: landing, disembarking its passengers, and taking off again.

Additionally, it is capable of single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) flight and supermanoevrability.

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