"Mother, infighting between our species has never solved any problem. It didn't resolve the rift between capitalism and socialism. It hasn't brought about peace between all humans. It won't solve this predicament we now face."

~ Evgeniy, to Supreme Leader Elena Trotskaya.


Evgeniy Trotsky is the second-born son of Elena Trotskaya and the twin brother of Yulia. Believing that his mother's actions threaten to divide humanity once again, he currently leads the Cabal after defecting from the Mechanocracy of Mankind to re-join the Pan-Terran Imperium after the Schism. In spite of bitter hostilities between the Imperium and the Mechanocracy as well as fierce opposition from within his country, Trotsky presides over attempts to normalise relations between the two and bring humanity back together as one, especially in the face of a resurgent Utannic confederacy and the Empyreals. He shares his good nature and optimistic outlook with his late father, the legendary warrior Victor Golovkin.



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