"If I were given a choice between guns and butter? I'd have to pick the gun, mostly because you can't defend yourself with mammary fluid from a bovine..."

~ Spetsnaz Colonel Svyatoslav Yazov.


A firearm is a portable gun, being a barreled weapon - typically one that launches one or more projectiles often driven by the action of a powerful force, usually explosive or magnetic. Conventional firearms, i.e. ones that use an explosive to propel a metal slug, and rail/coil weaponry are typically categorised by calibre (measured in millimetres or inches). Plasma weaponry, on a different hand, are categorised by the ionic concentration of the superheated gas that they propel.

Most countries utilise firearms of some kind, whether for civilian purposes (such as home defence, hunting or policing) or military. Each nation also has different designs and greatly-varying functions for their guns. For example, the Frenkish military specialises in electromagnetic coil/rail and laser weaponry; advanced plasma and ion-based firearms are traditionally considered the territory of the Mecharussian Armed Forces; and the Ardavians specialise in high-calibre bullet-based weapons.

List of firearms used in the Frencoverse



Submachine guns/PDWs

Assault weapons

Machine guns

Sniper weapons

Launcher weapons


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