"We never had any, nor plan on starting up any fancy supersoldier programs. What's the point? We have a Colonel Harrigan, don't we?"
-(Then) Chancellor Derrick Zane, bluntly refuting a reporter's inquiries on a Frenkish supersoldier program after it was reported that Harrigan had eliminated 7 Mechanocratic C-Class hypersoldiers on Hokkaido, 2141


Colonel Fred Harrigan is the Orkish commanding officer of the Vanguard Control Battalion, former Black Guardsman, and the "enforcer" of the New Frenco Empire. Being the closest that the NFE has to a "supersoldier", Harrigan's primary task is to "erase" threats that are thought to either be too risky or too inhumane (if not both) for standard forces. He is also tasked with "hunting" the supersoldiers of rival world powers, his intent being to remove the threat they pose to the Empire. For example, his unit is known for killing more Mecharussian C-Class soldiers than any other, with Harrigan himself dealing the majority of the killing blows. He has been considered one of the primary reasons the Final Thirteen has been whittled down to it's current numbers, and it's likely that he is at the top of their hit lists.



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