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The wiki for the NationStates roleplaying group 'Frencoverse', comprising NFE, Blak, Ardavia, Nexus, Mefpan, Auroya and Giga. Lore, characters, events and more.

What is this?

Frencoverse Wikia is a wikia dedicated to the Nationstates Roleplaying Group known as the 'Frencoverse', derived from its founder, New Frenco Empire (NFE). The group features a fictionalized post-nuclear-war world partially based on the Fallout continuity and incorporating elements from many other existing franchises, in which a new cold war dawns before reincarnates of superpowers of the old war, although new ones have also rose from ashes of the old world such as the Nexus of Man. The Frencoverse is a cyberpunk world which [insert artistic description here]

As you can see, this is constantly a work in progress, so stand by.

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