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The Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-3-14.5, more commonly known as the GShGm, is a heavy chaingun used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces, specifically by heavy assault troopers. Chambered in 14.5x80mm depleted-uranium rounds, it is easily one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) ballistic machine guns ever created for infantry use, carving a bloody path through almost anything stupid or unlucky enough to end up in its sights - troops and lightly-armoured vehicles chief among them. It is likely this trait that has spared the weapon retirement in spite of having been in Mecharussian service since 2121: the only other weapons that are capable of exerting anything even close to the GShGm's colossal firepower are the 6V48 Uragan heavy Gatling laser and TBP heavy plasma repeater, the former being too large for conventional infantry use and the latter only entering mass production thirty years after its ballistic counterpart.

A GShGm on a static tripod mounting.

The high-calibre round churned out of the GShGm at two thousand per minute and the electric motor give it a distinct firing sound that is compared by most to a nuclear-powered sewing machine. It also gives the weapon a lot of recoil, even with an electromagnetic recoil dampener, necessitating great strength to prevent the weapon system from spraying bullets almost literally everywhere. A running joke in the Red Army holds that the BTR-P landing-craft used by Mecharussian Space Marines use GShGms with the electromagnets removed as a super-efficient propulsion system.

Notable uses and users

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