"Back during the war, we were covering a sapper team, from Seventh Tallinn I think, digging a tunnel under Warsaw. We stumbled upon some ancient train with Nazi markings on it, and one of the carriages happened to be filled with gold. Fucktons of the stuff. Anyway, I went and informed Atalanta of it, thinking it nothing special – the instant she lays eyes on all that gold, she goes mad with lust. I didn't know of her ... uh, tendencies, at the time, so I just thought she was having an epileptic fit or something. That is, until she pinned me to the floor and pulled off my trousers..."

~ Grankin recounts a war story to Alfa Group.


Grigor Grankin is a captain in the Mecharussian Armed Forces and serves in the Spetsnaz Alfa Group as the second-in-command. He is also Victor Golovkin's oldest and best friend.

Grankin is the oldest of the ten operators in Alfa Group at eighty-seven. He is kept alive by his radiation-stunted metabolism and strong by his cybernetic augmentations. One augment that he (literally) keeps handy is a deployable Tesla coil, affixed with a wurtzite-BN drill-bit, built into his artificial forearm. When deployed, the coil can bore a hole through a structure, such as a thin wall or doorway, and electrocute enemies on the other side.



Notable appearance

  • Grankin first appears in A Blood Debt alongside the rest of Alfa Group.


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