"I once blew away the entire top half of a Thief in Law in a single shot. I don't think anything will ever satisfy me like the mess that created." ~ Ippolyta in casual conversation.


The Grom-7 (English: Thunder) is a Soviet-era semiautomatic shotgun designed to use 12-gauge shotgun shells. Designed in 2068 to be used alongside the Ivankov carbine in Great World War Three, it features an internal magazine that detaches upon the operator's command, able to load six rounds (plus one in the chamber).

Like other shotguns of its category, the Grom-7 is lightweight and rapid-firing, but its main unique feature is its use of an electronic primer in its rounds, allowing it its high rate-of-fire. A user with rapid reflexes can fire one round into a locked door, breach and clear an entire room in the space of three seconds.

Notable users and uses

  • The Chthonic hypersoldier Ippolyta the Manreaper favours usage of two modified and modernised Grom-7s in close-quarters combat: she is capable of dual-wielding them, despite the Grom never, ever being intended for use with one hand.
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