"Not yet, old man..."
-Kelly after saving Rollins from a pair of Spetsnaz operators in Kurdistan, Struggle


Hadrian Kelly is a SOG field operative serving in the IIA. He is the partner of veteran agent Jonathon Rollins and (eventual) second-in-command of Rollins' field team - Task Force Golf. Humble and reserved, Kelly is often seen as the perfect contrast to his companion, and his noble views and selflessness often serve as the seasoned Rollins' moral compass.


Born in World City in 2123, a young Hadrian Kelly was a periodic daydreamer with big ambitions (often changing desired careers every week, ranging from medical doctor to police enforcer to YDO). Being 13 when the 10 Years' War broke out in 2136, he decided on becoming a soldier to see the world and help fight off the People's Liberation Army. With the war still waging strong, he left his YDC in 2141 to join the Army Corps at 18, enlisting with a mechanized infantry regiment. Noted for a keen senses, eye for detail, and a tendency to land precise shots, he was transferred to a sniper school shortly after basic, and it wasn't long before he became his company's spotter a few weeks later, passing with flying colors.

Remarked as "reliable and competent in his field", his team was often called upon by the upper echelons to "deal with specialized problems". He was often called upon not just to provide long-range fire support and recon, but to assassinate key targets in the battlefields of Korea and Indochina. Many were high-ranking figures of the UDAP government and military, but others still were merely civilians deemed an "asset to the enemy", and hence, required termination.

Kelly recounted one such incident where he, armed with a M162 rifle, was asked to kill a young propaganda singer in her Seoul penthouse from a neighboring roof. Noting the woman was with her children and the velocity and blast from the powerful, high-caliber gauss rifle would surely kill them too, his hesitations were ignored and he was ordered to continue as planned. He eventually relented and pulled the trigger, killing his target along with "three counts of collateral damage" in reference to the children.

This particular incident haunted Kelly, and prompted his immediate resignation from the Army Corps.



  • He is one of only four people in both canons to have ever gotten an edge or otherwise bested (if only temporarily) Elena Trostakaya in combat. The others include OTAN (circumstances unknown), Colonel Fred Harrigan (alt-cannon Hammerfall Games. Match ended in a draw) and Ranger Sergeant Allen Baker (who used an underslung pulse cannon to disable the General while she was distracted). While he utilized his DataPal's EMP function to accomplish this, it's still considered a notable feat.
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