The entrance to the Halls of Eternal Glory

Halls of Eternal Glory is a semi-mythical place in Sidh culture, where all those fallen in service of the Imperium and the Sidh race go to rest. It is both a physical place and a semi-legendary cultural concept.


The actual Halls of Eternal Glory are a vast necropolis located on the Sidh holy world of Aedun. The name of every Sidh warrior killed in action across the vast Imperium's battlefields is meticulously inlaid in gold here, preferably along with a diamond made from his ashes. Those missing in action are customarily granted a place after 25 years of absence, unless their remains are discovered sooner.

The Emperor himself is also interred in the core of the Halls, his dessicated remains eternally seated on a throne watching over his ever-growing war-host of names and remains entombed as diamonds.

Because of this, the Halls command a great spiritual significance among Sidhae. Every Sidh hopes to die having earned a place in the Halls rather than being subject to recycling as ordinary dead typically are. The Halls have therefore attained a somewhat mythical status among Sidhae, being referred to much in the same way as Norsemen of old would refer to Valhalla.

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