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Unofficial banner used in and displayed by less developed parts of the Imperial Demesne, linking the contemporary Holy Imperium with its historical roots

The Imperium Omnitatum Sacrum (Japanese: 神聖全類帝国 Shinsei Zenrui Teikoku), also known by its English translation as the Holy Imperium of Allkinds, is an inter-dimensional hyperpower present in both the Main and Alternative Canons.

Hailing from dimensions outside the Frencoverse proper, the Holy Imperium's most major territorial hold in the setting is located in several other galaxies than the Milky Way - most notably, the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Holy Imperium is not yet directly encountered and/or has not yet made any formal diplomatic contact with the political entities of the Frencoverse in either canon; however, it is deeply involved through intervention in the Frencoverse by way of Phantom Crusade.

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