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"Ah, the Ivankov... This weapon saw me through the Salvagings, back when I was but a young girl taking her first manic steps into the big, wide world..." ~ General Elena Trotskaya.


The Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Ivankova (Self-loading Carbine of the Ivankov system) is a battle rifle designed for use by the Soviet Union in 2057. It was the first infantry weapon used by the Soviet Army able to counter powered armour and be mass-produced, chambered in 9x39-millimetre armour-piercing composite rigid (APCR) rounds - of which its magazine was able to hold 15.

As far as infantry-based weapons would go, the design was revolutionary - the arm was able to penetrate the fearsome suits of armour used by the invading United States Marine Corps when Great World War Three rolled into the USSR, and it was incredibly simple to produce. Throughout their long career, as many as 105 million Ivankov carbines were produced for use by Soviet and then early Mecharussian conscripts, surpassing the AK-47 as the most widely-produced firearm in history. It would remain the mainstay firearm of the Mecharussian Armed Forces until the arrival of the AV-38m in 2138.

Notable users and uses

  • Making extensive use of it in the Salvagings, Elena Trotskaya would consider it her favourite ever gun, apart from Fobos.
  • In the Main Canon, approximately ten million Ivankovs were airlifted to the Old World Conglomerate during the Utannic invasion of Sol, alongside other weapons and supplies, to help them battle the forces of General Idris. Almost 40 million more were deployed during Operation Hellstorm, salvaged from weapon vaults for use by the Mecharussian Resistance.