"Do you honestly believe you're even remotely a match for me? I am the herald of a new generation of perfect soldiers. YOU are merely a glorified, barely-sentient pile of mutated flesh in equally-ostentatious body armour."

~ J-Nine, during a chance encounter with a Vanguard Control Corps soldier.


Jian 9-75, shortened to J9-75 (which in turn is shortened to J-Nine), is a Jian-class hypersoldier in the service of the United Dominion of Asian Peoples, and particularly its leader, General Secretary Rong Da Zhao. Fabricated in 2148, J-Nine is fabricated from synth technology acquired from 'courser' prototypes manufactured by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before the nuclear apocalypse of 2077 and also from Mecharussian cybernetics tech.

J-Nine's weapon of choice is a magnetic field manipulator, the technology for which was procured from an autopsy of deceased Chthonian soldier Circe, killed by Frenkish Colonel Fred Harrigan during the Ten Years' War. He also carries on his person a PP-2T Tiran heavy plasma pistol bearing a dragon's head flash hider, a custom-manufactured gift to his boss by General Elena Trotskaya which he passed down to his bodyguard.



Belligerent, sadistic and exceptionally arrogant, J-Nine genuinely believes that he is the template for the ultimate in soldiering technology - in spite of the fact that he possesses neither the technological sophistication nor expertise of the Chthonians from whom his technology is based. Notwithstanding this, however, nobody has yet been able to prove his hubristic assertions wrong: he boasts a personal kill-count of as many as 30 Imperial Intelligence Agency operatives sent to assassinate Premier Rong in addition to several personal enemies of his boss both outside and within the ruling party's inner circle.

Notable appearances

  • The creator of J-Nine claims to have introduced him to the Frencoverse as one of Rong's bodyguards in the same icebreaker RP where Rong himself makes his debut. He also appears prominently outside of the Frencoverse in the LittleBigPlanet mini-series 'Fifth Winter'.


  • Like his boss Rong, J-Nine was created by the brother of the Mecharussian canon's author and lifted (with his permission) for use in the Frencoverse.
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