"Cyberdogs. You know, when they aren't chasing down some poor sap and either ripping his face off or pumping him with enough sedative to put down a Blood Whale, they're kinda adorable..."
-Lieutenant Nigel Steele, 2130


The iconic law enforcement variant of the K-9000


The K-9000 Autonomous Pursuit Drone, typically referred to as the "Cyberdog", is a fully-automated robot designed by the Frenkish Killian Robotics Corporation and used extensively by Imperial Law Enforcement and Military agencies.

Owing to its design as a platform meant to hunt and pursue, the drone is fast and agile, its eight clawed appendages allowing it to latch to almost any surface and even keep pace with modern hypercars. Its optics package is also highly-specialized, capable of distinguishing friends and foes in a wide radius and through any object, making hiding almost impossible when one is around. They can also detect contraband, making them the modern equivalent of a "drug dog". When engaging, the Cyberdog is capable of leaping onto threats (the impact often breaking bones) and neutralizing them with a controlled injection of Dreamtime or other substances with a syringe hidden in its snout. However, Cyberdogs have been known to take down more violent threats by using its strong jaws to snap necks. Additionally, their "tail" is actually an electrified whip-like weapon, capable of disabling vehicles, equipment, and groups of suspects. Despite their agility and impressive offensive features, Cyberdogs are often frail against heavier firepower (their hulls only being graded for moderate resistance against small arms fire), and tend to fall easily in warfare scenarios, limiting their usefulness on battlefields. However, they are often used to great effect in certain niches (such as hunting down and eliminating snipers or navigating minefields).

Ubiquitous within Imperial Enforcers in-particular, the Cyberdog has a fierce reputation due to its threatening appearance and mannerisms. However, despite its ferocity in dangerous situations, the Cyberdog is usually seen as quite benign when in "standby" mode, even going to the extent of showing dog-like characteristics (such as begging for attention, allowing others to pet it, playing with tennis balls, etc). This aspect of its programming was intentional, as its designers thought that making the Cyberdog double as a playful companion would boost the morale of its operators and help with any PR mishaps that might occur as a result of the Cyberdog's signature overwhelming force. Many are "creeped out" by these behaviors, while others find them amusing.


  • The Cyberdog's primary inspiration is the Mechanical Hound from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Like the Mechanical Hound, the Cyberdog is an extremely deadly eight-legged automaton that can hunt down fugitives with startling ease and proficiency, neutralizing them with a needle full of sedative protruding from their "mouth".
  • The "K-9000" designator is purely a marketing ploy due to the Cyberdog's private sector origins. Military models are known as the "M548 Automaton"
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