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Two Ka-91 dropships fly over Myrina, Limnos, on patrol following the annexation of Greece by the Mechanocracy.

"Aw, fuck. Look alive, idiots: dropships are about to land a whole bunch of shitheads right on top of us!"

~ Deimos, to a group of raiders.


The Mil and Kamov Aerospace Plant Dropship Pattern 91 Gus (Goshawk), shortened to Ka-91 Gus, is a VTOL dropship in service with the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Like the attack VTOL it serves alongside, the Mi-64 Shershen, it is heavily armoured with explosive-reactive armour plating, and it also bears a formidable arsenal on itself.

A Ka-91 as seen from the rear, revealing its interior and the two nuclear thermal jet engines on the back.

The Gus is capable of carrying up to 2,600 kilograms of cargo in its hold - enough space to convey a fully-armed squad plus an additional section and their equipment. This is in addition to its four-man crew (pilot, main gunner, crew chief and door-gunner), bringing the total maximum number of soldiers aboard a single Gus to 20.


Most modern variants of the Gus bear a chin-mounted, twin-linked AK-23-2 23-millimetre autocannon designed to fire caseless ammunition at a high enough rate of fire to cut down large numbers of infantry like grass to a sickle, clearing landing zones quickly enough for the dropship to land, disembark its cargo and fly away at speed. Other weapon systems available for the Gus' turret hardpoint include a heavier 45-millimetre autocannon and the 6V48 Uragan heavy Gatling laser. The Black Coats use the even more unorthodox O-39 nuclear flamethrower for their dropships: these 'iron dragons' are said to be exceptionally effective at clearing foliage and burning enemy soldiers that might obstruct a landing zone.

The Gus also typically comes with two rocket pods and eight missile hardpoints attached to stubby wings; this allows it to perform a gunship role effectively, but not so as true attack VTOLs.

Notable appearances

  • Ka-91s make an appearance in almost every RP in the Frencoverse where the MAF is featured. Notably, it does not make a show in Access Violation.


  • The Ka-91 has gone through more visual appearance-changes (three) than any other vehicle in the Mecharussian arsenal.