"See the scars I was talkin' about? That's about the only mark it leaves on its victims. It's a tiny, continuous stream of energy instead of an instant beam like most lasers. When it hits flesh, it cauterises around the wound it makes, sealing it up nice and good ... leaving little evidence behind. Pair that with the fact that it's only about this big, you have the perfect, low-key weapon for offing people who know too much..."

~ Jonathon Rollins explains the Koush to T.T. Calvin.

The Lazernyy Pistolet 'Koush', shablon 2084 (2084-pattern Laser Pistol 'Thimble'), shortened to LP-84 'Koush', is a laser pistol in service with the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Designed shortly after the nuclear apocalypse of 2077 for use by the assassins of legendary raider overlord Pandemonium, using laser weapons technology left behind by the US Army after the Resource Wars, it was adopted for military usage after the Salvagings and currently sees use in the hands of officers and commandos alike.

The Koush is a derringer-sized sidearm that fires a narrow free-electron laser, able to burn through flesh in an instant. As it burns, the wound is immediately sealed up through cauterisation, stopping blood from escaping. Coupled with the low sound output, the result of its extremely-efficient energy conversion system that concentrates what would normally be expended as sound into thermal energy, the Koush is the perfect weapon for assassins. It is so sophisticated that the Mecharussians have actually been unable to replicate the design, save for General Elena Trotskaya who is believed to have designed a sniper rifle using the same technology as the Koush. This makes supplies of the firearm incredibly sparing, the laser pistol resultantly being issued only on occasion.

Notable Users and Uses


  • The Koush is based upon an actual design for a laser pistol, a working prototype of a weapon designed for use by cosmonauts being created by the Soviet Union in 1984.
  • Each of the three pistols used by the MAF have a name that starts with the same letter K: Kulak, Koush and Kryuk.
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