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* [[The Tickler]]
* [[The Tickler]]
* [[Ada Rockwell]]
* [[Ada Rockwell]]
* [[Francis Levine]]
=== Noteworthy Intelligence Personnel ===
=== Noteworthy Intelligence Personnel ===

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New Frenco Empire

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Noteworthy Intelligence Personnel

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Mechanocratic Russia

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Junior Military Figures

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The Nexus of Man



European Federation/Old World Conglomerate

United Dominion of Asian Peoples

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Narodnaya Volya

Pan-Terran Imperium

Mechanocracy of Mankind

Autem Galacticus Nexum


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Notable Military Figures

Emerging Military Figures

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The Sacrosancts

The Unhallowed



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Psimargl Entity

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Imperium of Sidhae

People's Technocratic Federation of Singapore

Sixteen July Pact

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