(Imperium of Sidhae)
(Imperium of Sidhae)
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* [[Arcadius Drax]]
* [[Arcadius Drax]]
* [[D'Anna van Halen]]
* [[D'Anna van Halen]]
* [[Darius]]
* [[Patricia Adonis]]
* [[Patricia Adonis]]
* [[Adrastia Melantha]]
* [[Adrastia Melantha]]

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General Characters

New Frenco Empire

Major Political/Military Figures

Noteworthy Intelligence Personnel

Minor Political/Military Figures

Noteworthy Civilians

Mechanocratic Russia

Political Figures


Novaya Chthonians

Prokazniki/Infinity Collective

Order of Cybermancers

Senior Military Figures

Alfa Group

Lednik Group

Junior Military Figures

Notable Civilians

Antarctic Commonwealth

Japan/Imperium Omnitatum Sacrum

Phantom Crusade

Order of the Skull

Officium Sanctum Inquisitionis


Other Knightly Orders

13th Order of Iscariot


Astral Union of Luna

Political figures

European Federation/Old World Conglomerate

United Dominion of Asian Peoples

Pan-Asian Communist Party

Red Guard

Ministry of State Security

Asian People's Liberation Army



Main Canon Exclusive

Main Canon 1

Narodnaya Volya

Pan-Terran Imperium

Mechanocracy of Mankind

Utannic Matriarchies

Psimargl Entity

Main Canon 2

Mechanocratic Russia

Altcanon Exclusive

Imperium of Sidhae


Qh'naazi Dynasty

Khazard'Vaari Remnants

Nirayid Empire


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