Below this section is a non-exhaustive list of theme songs, lifted primarily from YouTube and other websites, that the authors of the two canons believe will help to evoke a greater feeling of the atmosphere associated with the character, location, country, et-cetera. Best used when reading roleplays.

Nation Specific Themes

New Frenco Empire

Mechanocratic Russia

The Nexus of Man



Autem Galacticus Nexum

Ambient Themes

Toil in the Sands (General ambient)

Stranded Amongst the Dust (Desert World/Ice World/Selena ambient)

Choir of Maria (Religious ambient)

Gaze Into My Eye (Sagittarius A* ambient)

Death of the Majoris (Space ambient)

Rise of Fuharom (Crusade ambient)

Anthems and Marches

Blood of Golgotha; Lands of Holy Terra (Nexum State Anthem)

Chant of the Progeny (Holy Synod Anthem, metal undertones)

Never Expect the Nexumian Inquisition! (Nexumian Inquisition anthem)

General Themes

For Who Else, But God? (Shamyahi-Nexumian peace theme)

Máti tou Theoú (Nexumian Inquisition theme)

Reborn from Cinders (White Mass Putsch theme)

Broken Confidentiality (Order of Informational Security theme) The Nexumian Quadrumvirate (Nexocentric Galactic Quadrumvirate theme)

Location Themes

Our New World (New Rhazieya theme)

Oriental (New Jomon/Nekona theme)

Outlast on the Outback (Nexumian Colonial NexSpace theme)

War Themes

They Shall Fear Our Power! (War theme)

We Head to Sacrifice (War declaration theme)

Spiritual Domination (Inquisition Victory theme)

Symphony of Lost Blood (Anthem of the Armada and Legions)

March of God's Armies (Battle anthem of the Armada and Legions)

Sudden Strike (The Forsaken Division theme)

Just Another Day (General battle theme)

Bow Before Vistron (General victory ambient, same as Vistron's)

We Will Come Back (General defeat theme)

Cast Out the Idols (White Mass Putsch conflict theme)

For Who Else, But God? (Shamyahi-Nexumian peace theme)

Saracens at the Gates (Nexumian-Shamyahi war theme)

Burn Their Worlds (Nexumian proximity to Neuropa, [insert other ast. fed capitals], Mars or Vyyrahk theme)

Empire of a Hundred Billion Suns (Galactic domination theme - AC)

Imperium Omnitatum Sacrum

Old World Conglomerate

United Dominion of Asian Peoples


Character Specific Themes






Old World Conglomerate

Japanese/Imperium Omnitatum Sacrum

United Dominion of Asian Peoples

RP Specific Themes

To Struggle in the Way of Allah

Red Planet

Access Violation

A Blood Debt

Flight of the Polunochnaya

The Fourteenth Chthonian

Reveries of God

NOTE: The themes below do follow a chronological format, but some themes may not belong to one and solely one chapter. The asterisks (*) indicate a subject or wiki article that is related to the theme in question, and can apply over the course of the entire roleplay.

And finally... this is only about 25% (1/4) done. Feel free to spoil yourself, if you want.

Main Theme


Event Specific Themes

None as of yet. Check back later for more updates.

Theme Holding Boxes

NOTE: The themes below are posted to be possibly included in other nations' themes; it would be rash to just throw in a theme into their own mix, so post themes here for their nation to include later on that you yourself find interesting. This also applies to future events and RPs. (add more boxes if needed)

↓Basically, post themes you find interesting for another nation here. Optional to take.↓

Ardavian Box: Item 1

Caliphate Box: Item 1

Frenkish Box: Item 1, Item 2 (you might want that last one for that Tale you were talking about), Item 3

Luna Box: Item 1

Mecharussian/Mechahuman Box: Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, Item 5, Item 6

Neo-Ezo Box: Item 1

Nexus/Nexum Box: Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, Item 5, Item 6, Item 7, Item 8, Item 9, Item 10, Item 11, Item 12, Item 13, Item 14, Item 15, Item 16, Item 17, Item 18, Item 19, Item 20, Item 21, Item 22, Item 23, Item 24, Item 25, Item 26

Japan Box: Item 1

OWC Box: Item 1

UDAP Box: Item 1

USSA Box: Item 1

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