Below this section is a non-exhaustive list of theme songs, lifted primarily from YouTube and other websites, that the authors of the two canons believe will help to evoke a greater feeling of the atmosphere associated with the character, location, country, et-cetera. Best used when reading roleplays.

Nation Specific Themes

New Frenco Empire

Mechanocratic Russia

Alternative Canon

Main Canon 2.0

General Themes

New Leningrad


Mechanocracy of Mankind



Imperium Omnitatum Sacrum

Old World Conglomerate

United Dominion of Asian Peoples


Imperium of Sidhae

Baltic Union

Character Specific Themes




Old World Conglomerate

Japanese/Imperium Omnitatum Sacrum

United Dominion of Asian Peoples

Imperium of Sidhae

RP Specific Themes

To Struggle in the Way of Allah

Red Planet

Access Violation

A Blood Debt

Flight of the Polunochnaya

The Fourteenth Chthonian

Tale Specific Themes

Of Masterpieces


  •  ???

Event Specific Themes

Theme Holding Boxes

NOTE: The themes below are posted to be possibly included in other nations' themes; it would be rash to just throw in a theme into their own mix, so post themes here for their nation to include later on that you yourself find interesting. This also applies to future events and RPs. (add more boxes if needed)

↓Basically, post themes you find interesting for another nation here. Optional to take.↓

Ardavian Box: Item 1

Caliphate Box: Item 1

Frenkish Box: Item 1, Item 2 (you might want that last one for that Tale you were talking about), Item 3

Luna Box: Item 1

Mecharussian/Mechahuman Box: Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, Item 5, Item 6

Neo-Ezo Box: Item 1

Japan Box: Item 1

OWC Box: Item 1

UDAP Box: Item 1

USSA Box: Item 1

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