"Am I correct, Major, to presume that you and your men are among the best that there is in the field of guerrilla warfare?"

"No, General. We are the best."

~ Robina introduces herself to General Elena Trotskaya.


Lorenza Robina is a high-ranking soldier fighting for the Cazadores, holding the equivalent rank of Major in the militant wing of the Partido por la Implementación de Mecanocracia. She has fought against the rival nationalist counterrevolutionary group, the Contras, for all of her adult life from the Canal War to the present day in addition to being deployed across the world with her elite militia outfit, the Veinte de la Parca (the Grim Reaper's Twenty), as mercenaries to raise much-needed funds and publicity for the Cazadores' cause. Robina herself is a master survivalist, markswoman and explosives expert, trained in a variety of combat skills by advisers from the Special Purpose Guard Brigade.

In the Alternative Canon, Robina and the Veinte are chosen by the Cazador leadership as part of the multinational task force assembled by the socialist world in response to the issue of Mobilisation Order #47 by Mechanocratic Russia.


Having fought ever since being recruited by the Cazadores aged fourteen, Robina has little experience of living outside of the confines of a makeshift den or viewing foreigners through anything other than gunsights. This leads her to be abrasive and stubborn at times, made even more grating by her propensity to speak her mind with the softness of a hammer. However, if there is anyone who can be relied upon to watch your back in a heated battle, it is Robina: she will treat anyone willing to fight by her side like a sibling, completely overlooking any dislikes she withholds toward them. For most of her life, where she has had to fight with very limited numbers of soldiers and supplies, this trait has been a pragmatic necessity.

There is one thing, however, that Robina will never tolerate: treachery. If anybody betrays the trust of her or her comrades, she will actively and relentlessly track them down and kill them. An accurate summary of her by one of the soldiers she fought alongside states "gain her trust and you'll not find a fiercer ally; break it, and you'll not find a fiercer enemy."

Notable appearances

Robina has yet to make a proper appearance in the Frencoverse.


  • Robina's appearance and personality are modelled (the latter more loosely) upon those of Jenette Vasquez from the film Aliens.
  • Although Robina is not the first character from the USSA to be named in the Frencoverse (that accolade goes to a 'President Guerra' in To Struggle in the Way of Allah), she will be the first to appear in person.
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