The M-112 Kestrel is a family of single-seat, multirole, VTOL stealth air & space fighters developed by the Joint Procurement Agency of the New Solar Coalition under the New Joint Procurement Program. Designed to be a 'next-generation' craft, it incorporates several highly advanced technologies which contribute to making it one of the most expensive - if not the most expensive - fighter program yet. Funding is divided between the three members of the NSC, and it is expected to be procured by the militaries of all members in large numbers.


The M-112 incorporates the technological strengths of all three contributing members.


Twin rapid-fire energy cannons are housed in the wing roots.

Three large weapons bays are integrated into the fuselage; these are capable of carrying a wide variety of weapons, such as the Particle Lance. External hardpoints can also be attached to the craft to allow for a larger weapons load, although the use of these compromises its stealth features somewhat.


The craft is powered by four Lunar-built NPX-57 omnidirectional gravity-engines, granting it VTOL capabilities as well as unprecedented speed and maneuverability.

In order to power the craft's systems, a cold fusion reactor is located behind the cockpit.


The M-112 is capable of using active stealth in the radar, infrared and visual frequencies.

EW & Countermeasures

The rear of the craft houses an offensive and defensive electronic warfare system as well as standard countermeasures such as flare and chaff launchers.


The cockpit incorporates an Ardavian-built life support system and a pilot assistance AI system.

Though conventional backup controls exist, the primary method of flying the M-112 is via a neural helmet, this being an upgraded deveploment of the systems used in the Ardavian Aerospace Fighter and the Lunar QH-131.

In the event that the pilot must eject, the ejection seat incorporates a secondary backup life support system capable of sustaining the pilot for five hours in space. It also incorporates a small solid-fueled thruster and deployable energy heatshield in the event that the pilot ejects in orbit around a planet with an atmosphere.

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