Hitler's Buzzsaw in all of its deadly glory.

"The fourth most fun toy to use that a person can get their hands on – the third is a bag of crystal meth, the second is a flamethrower, and the first is a chainsaw." ~ Ippolyta the Manreaper.


The Maschinegewehr MG 42 is a machine gun of German origin dating back to the Second World War, more than 200 years before the present day. Chambered in 7.92x57-millimetre ammunition and firing at up to 1,500 rounds per minute, it has a well-earned place in history as one of the most fearsome infantry firearms to have graced the battlefields of man, having inspired several iconic firearms (among them the M60 and the MG3).

For this reason, the weapon is a favourite of Ippolyta the Manreaper, the murderous Chthonian having developed a borderline-sexual love for the weapon after witnessing its devastating power against flesh - for which it earned the moniker of Hitler's Buzzsaw. Ippolyta's personal MG 42, normally kept aside by her pet and personal assistant Korzina for when she needs it, is a heavily-modernised engine of destruction, given such upgrades as a titanium-carbide barrel and a belt of custom-tooled plasma-propelled ammunition to tear through modern power armour.

Elsewhere, the Imperial MM3 Squad Automatic Weapon/Hale-3 is a near carbon-copy of the MG 42, rechambered for 7.62x51-millimetre. Its heavier brother, the Hale-5, fires the much more powerful 12.7x99-millimetre .50 BMG at similar rates of fire.

Notable appearances

  • The MG 42's first appearance in the Frencoverse is in the Tale The Manreaper: Hellions. It is a key component of Ippolyta's 'MG 42 test', the weapon being used (to lethal effect) to demonstrate to a group of disorderly Prokazniki the importance of avoiding foolish decisions that will get them killed.
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