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"Pull over!"

"Go fuck yourself!"

~ MAF Sergeant Vsevolod Berdan argues with a pursuing Sicarius before shooting him.

The MP-500 Kulak (Fist) is the standard issue handgun for the Mecharussian Armed Forces and Civil Pacification, designed by Izhmekh. Chambered in 12.7x32mm, it is notable for its powerful punch while maintaining relatively-low recoil when compared to its Frenkish equivalent, the SS-12 - it uses a similar electromagnetic recoil dampener to the GShGm heavy chaingun. While it lacks armour-piercing capability (unless augmented with plasma-coated rounds), it will kill unprotected opponents very easily.

Notable Users and Uses


  • Each of the three pistols used by the MAF have a name that starts with the same letter K: Kulak, Koush and Kryuk.
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