"First rule of Lady Midnight: NEVER tell me what the chances are!"

~ Captain Vojislav Nikolayevich


The Mecharussian Space Ship Polunochnaya, named for Lady Midnight in pre-Christian Slavic mythology, is a heavily-modified Mezghorye-class missile stealther in the service of the Mecharussian Armed Forces. It is notable for being the command ship of General and then Grand Curatrix Elena Trotskaya, entering her service in late 2150 to supersede the ekranoplane MSS Zmey. The most famous event to which it lends its name, however, is the Flight of the Polunochnaya – a campaign which has sealed the ship's place in the annals of Mechanocratic legend.

Though it was originally designed as a strategic missile carrier, the modern, spacegoing equivalent to the nuclear submarines of old, the Polunochnaya has been modified to accommodate a comprehensive command-and-control system, expanded hangars and enough space for three platoons of Space Marines. Another notable addition is an extremely-powerful ion cannon and heavy plasma cannon combo: the weapon system fires the ion cannon first, then the plasma gun, an attack that will devastate all but the very toughest of vessels in a single strike.


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