Magellanic race

The extent of the Magellanic Race at its height

The Magellanic Race was an intelligent spacefaring civilization, originating somewhere in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which reached its peak several million years ago before largely disappearing within a relatively short space of time. At its height, it is believed to have controlled portions of every galaxy within the Local Group, and it is thought to have been the only civilization of its scale in the nearby galactic neighbourhood to date. Its fate remains unknown.

The Magellanic Race supposedly had vaguely-defined ties to Shinji Sakahara.


Due to their being capable of travelling intergalactic distances, they are hypothesized to have had access to a method of FTL travel and communication thousands of years ahead of the understanding of any known civilization, capable of travelling orders of magnitude faster and anything currently known. This is due to the fact that in order to sustain an intergalactic civilizationns, they must have been able to communicate across intergalactic distances very quickly; any known technology would take hundreds of years to send a message even to the nearest galaxies and thousands to send any vessel.

They are believed to have been responsible for seeding life on planets and moons and for terraforming them, eventually constructing 'genesis devices' capable of performing both tasks extremely quickly as well as constructing unmanned ships to carry and deploy them autonomously.


Several older spacefaring races, including the Utan, appear to have incorporated the Magellanic Race or their fabled technological wonders into their religions to some degree; this is likely due to coming into contact with what small remnants of their technology exist.

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