Not to be confused with the Manreaper nanoblade, as wielded by the Empress of Sidhae.

Manreaper Flail

"I apologise profusely if I smash anything to pieces, whether they be walls, priceless artworks or bones."

~ Ippolyta, the Flail's wielder, before doing battle.


The Manreaper Flail is the primary melee weapon of the Chthonic hypersoldier Ippolyta the Manreaper, its wielder and namesake.


As its moniker suggests, it is modelled upon a medieval ball-and-chain flail, though has a number of features implementing cutting-edge technology (pun intended). Chiefly, the carbon-nanotube rope comes with a length of extendable, fishing hook-like blades that allow Ippolyta to tear away huge chunks of flesh in a single strike, even if the spiked solid-durasteel head fails to connect with a target. The same rope is also outfitted with a series of electromagnets that latch onto a metallic surface like nanoglue: if it wraps around a weapon, Ippolyta can disarm a target extremely easily, leaving them prey to her other attacks. Additionally, the bottom of the hilt possesses a telescoping blade that allows its wielder to lash out at anyone too close for the flail's head to connect with, usually to enough effect to stun them and allow Ippolyta to kick them away with a strike of her powerful legs.

Like the other weapons used by the Final/Original Thirteen, such as Elena Trotskaya's Excidium greatsword and Akhilles' stormhammer, the Manreaper Flail is to be considered a projection of Ippolyta's own being into the corporeal world. It is a crude, savage weapon designed to kill whoever has the appalling luck of facing it in the bloodiest, most hideous and agonisingly-painful manner one can imagine. In light of this, it would be objectively correct to refer to the Manreaper Flail as a torture device as much as a weapon of war. In other words, it is the perfect tool for Ippolyta to enact her dreadful revenge upon every misfortunate soul who has ever hurt her, her friends and allies, and most of all her fallen sister Antiopa.

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