The insignia of the rank, designed by its current (and so far only) holder.


Marshal of the Mechanocracy, formally Marshal of the Armed Forces of the Mechanocracy of Russia, is the highest rank in the Mecharussian Armed Forces. It is a five-star rank, equivalent to OF-10 in Western militaries and O-11 elsewhere. Thus far there has only ever been a single holder of the rank - Tisifona Okhotnova, who took the position when the MAF was formed in 2058. Okhotnova also designed the insignia, basing it upon the insignia for the Marshal of the Russian Federation, as a reminder of both the Mechanocracy's heritage and her own. In the military hierarchy, it is inferior to only three offices in Mechanocratic Russia: President of the Mechanocracy, Supreme Leader, and the proposed six-star rank of Generalissimus of the Mechanocratic Armed Forces.

The rank of Marshal involves command over all five branches of the Mekh military (Ground Forces, Surface Fleets, Aerial Forces, Space Fleets, Cyber Strategic Forces). Typically, the rank would only be issued during wartime, or as an honorary rank to recognise high achievements by Generals of the Army. Okhotnova, for example, acquired hers through the successful reconquest of European Russia, a campaign known to this day as the Salvagings. In the (unlikely) event that Okhotnova retires, or is permanently deactivated, the rank would then await any Mecharussian general who could match her battlefield prowess and achievements. Unfortunately for any glory-hounds amongst the Mekh high command, this would be a tall order by any standard, not least because there has been no major war fought by the Mekhs since the Salvagings.

Aside from ceremonial duties, such as conducting annual parades and award ceremonies, the Marshal of the Mechanocracy also presides over the Supreme Court-Martial, the highest of the four Courts-Martial of the Mecharussian Armed Forces.

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