The flag of the Mechanocracy of Mankind, with a modified Winged Hammer and Compass that emblemised the Trotskaya regime of the original Mecharussia. Beneath it is Trotskaya's Triad, a suggestion adopted by the Grand Curatrix herself to illustrate that the needs of her country are always above those of herself.

"To be brutally honest, ma'am, this has to be the maddest country in the entire Multiverse."

~ Vsevolod Berdan, to Natalya Volskaya.


The Mechanocracy of Mankind is a unitary, mechanocratic, quasi-theocratic totalitarian military dictatorship that serves as the successor state to Mechanocratic Russia, founded in 2172. Its capital world is the world-fortress of Jotunheim, and maintains command of several other coreworlds. Claiming control of 62,508 planets across 47 dimensions as of its foundation, it dwarfs almost every other major polity in existence, including its chief rival, the Imperium of Sidhae.

As is appropriate for its size and the nature of its governance, the military that it boasts is huge. Often referred to as "an army that thinks it's a state" with no small amount of objective truth, the Mechanocracy takes the old Juche tenet of 'military first' to unheard-of extremes. All but a few coreworlds are geared almost totally towards sustaining a colossal war machine, and nearly all of its subjects not located on these coreworlds are intimately involved with the armed forces. Needless to say, this is the main reason that it boasts one of the largest and most powerful, if not the largest and most powerful, military forces of any known human power. Its Starfleet possesses many thousands of starships, including 20 superheavy command ships (notably Apokalypsis-class dreadnoughts and the city-sized Arkhont-class superdreadnoughts) to turn upon any enemy with the brazenness to challenge this monolithic nation-cum-military.

Years of xenophobia and foreign aggression has resulted in the birth of a worldview based upon paranoia, extreme hatred and anger. The inhabitants of the Mechanocracy of Mankind, shortened to 'Mekhs' or 'Mechs', profusely distrust all foreigners and regard them as direct threats to the existence of their country and way of life. Many Mekhs truly believe that the rest of the Multiverse is out to destroy them, and thus it is deemed the manifest destiny of the Mechanocracy of Mankind to annihilate all enemies actual and theoretical before they can ever get the chance to enact their dreadful agenda.

Human supremacy is the other societal trait that the Mekhs have inherited from the original Mechanocratic Russia. However, it is taken to far greater extremes than the original Mechanocracy could even dream of. Non-Russian humans are only barely tolerated, while Frenks and Sidhae tend to be lynched on sight. This xenophobia has much basis, given that the Sixteen July crisis, the Flight of the Polunochnaya, the Singaporean Phantom Crusade and World War IV were all directly the cause of an aggressive foreign entity, rendering this attitude extremely unlikely to change within the foreseeable future.

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